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Melvil's dream has been fulfilled!


Name: Melvil
Age: 2
Date Fulfilled: 15/04/2015
Status: Dream Fulfilled
Summary: Melvil is a delightful 2 year old. He has a condition called Spinal Musclar Atrophy which affects the nerves that control muscle movement. Going places takes up quite a lot of time each day and his parents are keen to incorporate some exercise so that he develops his strength. An adaptive tricycle is a perfect solution to this problem.

Melvil's Dream Story

Melvil's dream come true

Melvil’s dream is beautifully summerised by his mum "Melvil was diagnosed with SMA type 3 which caused him to have weak leg muscles. The doctor suggested he use tricycle for his daily commute since he walks quite slowly and get tired quickly. Tricycle will also strengthen his thighs and would hopefully help him gain some strength.

I applied for a funding for his tricycle via Dream Comes True since I read that they have done a lot grants for children that needs similar equipment to Melvil’s need. The process couldn’t have been quicker and smoother. I sent out the application and got a confirmation within a couple of days. The decision was made within a week. I have never imagined a charity work so fast and so efficiently. This is the first time since Melvil’s diagnosis that we actually get help so quickly. I am thoroughly impressed.

Melvil received his tricycle and was over the moon. Not a day goes by since he received it that he had not used it with a smile on his face. He now looks forward to going to the nursery so that he can ride on his bike to show off his friends at school.  Thank you Dream Comes True for making a difference in lives of children who has been through difficulties in life. This really makes a difference to Melvil’s daily life and to us as a parent also. Thank you again."

Kind regards,


Melvil's Story in Pictures

Melvil's Dream

Date: 15/04/2015
Status: Dream Fulfilled

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