Dreams Come True

Annie's Story

Annie has congenital muscular dystrophy and is reliant on an electric wheelchair to get around.  The illness is characterised by a degenerative muscle weakness and has caused a lot of problems and severe pain with Annie’s back. In addition, she also suffers from debilitating migraines. Annie has to have regular physiotherapy and is prone to chest infections.  Despite all of this Annie and her Mum Rachel just get on with life.


The family took advantage of all Florida had to offer.  They even went to Clear Water Beach, but upon arrival could not find anywhere that hired a beach wheelchair.  Rachel, being the one who sorts things out after being given some inside information from a local, strode up to the local fire station as they were all having their tea. They did not have one but knew a local hotel that did and they got it delivered immediately. They even offered a ride in the fire truck but it was just a little too high. Rachel approached us as Annie’s dream was to swim with dolphins and we were more than happy to help with an experience at Discovery Cove. 

annie 2

As you can see from the photo, the chair was gigantic and Annie needed to have lots of cushions behind her to pack it out, but they made it!


Discovery Cove lived up to everything Annie had hoped for and more.  The dolphin swim was truly amazing – definitely the highlight of the dream.


Hannah Attenburrow
Date: 11/05/2015
Author: Hannah Attenburrow


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