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Kyle's Dream

15 year-old Kyle from Port, Glasgow, has a rare condition called lumbo sacral agenesis, which means he has an absence of different segments of lumbar spine. For this reason, he is wheelchair dependent and will always be reliant on additional care. However, Kyle does not let his disability hold him back, he is a keen swimmer and often enters swimming competitions which means Mum and Dad are no strangers to driving Kyle far and wide across the country!

This was an interesting request for Dreams Come True. Kyle’s dream was to feed sharks in a tank, but unfortunately, due to Kyle’s age and being wheelchair dependent some options were not available. However with some internet research the Dreams Come True co-ordinator found an ‘above’ water small shark feeding experience offered by the Sea Life Centre at Great Yarmouth. Upon calling them they were more than happy to help Kyle.  

The dream then became a holiday as the shark feeding experience was combined with a stay at Haven Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth in August of last year. 

The day started with a tour of the Sea Life Centre and then Kyle was fitted with a life jacket and grabber and he was able to feed the sharks above the tank, which was an amazing experience for him. 

Kyles’s mum said: “This is a day Kyle will never forget, this is not something you do every day, even though the dream was a few months ago Kyle still talks about it, we couldn’t have asked for any more. I would like to thank the fundraisers and Dreams Come True for making this dream possible, but sometimes saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough.  Thank you to you and all the wonderful people at Dreams Come True, you all are amazing.  Kyle will never forget his experience his dream really did come true.”

Hannah Attenburrow
Date: 24/06/2015
Author: Hannah Attenburrow


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