Dreams Come True

Karly May conquers The Gauntlet Games

Karly May ran the The Gauntlet Games for Dreams Come True recently, sit down as she shares her tips and experiences.

1. Describe your event and why you chose to do this particular one?

The Gauntlet Games, Trent Park.

We decided as a group that this would be the most challenging short course to complete for a variety of fitness levels – and challenging it was!

2. How long did it take you to train?

In the 3 months leading up to the games I made sure I upped my weight training and kept working on my fitness to make sure I could outrun the gladiators.

3. Describe how you felt in three words

Excited, anxious, strong.

4. How did you feel on the day/evening?

The build-up was great fun, with a gladiator warm up, the course was so varied I was laughing so hard one minute then silent and concentrating the next. Such a rollercoaster. There was lots of aching for the next few days, but the fact I completed all of the tricky obstacles dulled the pain – smiles all round.

5. Most memorable moment?

There were 2 that really stand out… Completing the Monkey bars – I couldn’t even do this as a child so was super pleased. Also the foam slide, diving in to a slide that was spilling over with fresh bubbles was heaven at the end of the messy course.

6. Any tips for others doing the same thing?

Work on those muscles, I ached in places I didn’t even consider! There are a few long(ish) stretches of running along the course, so include a little bit of distance running in your training.

Daniel Dockery
Date: 15/06/2016
Author: Daniel Dockery
Source: Dreams Come true


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