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Lloyds Three Peaks - The team reach Scotland

The 3 Peaks challenge is well underway with all participants either in Scotland or on a plane on route. They have a tough 24 hours ahead of them and need all the help and support we can give them. Throughout the next 2 days I will be hoping to provide you all with photos and updates of their journey to aid with your own fundraising in your branches.

lloyds packing

So far the 19 climbers have raised £20,535 for our amazing cause. This is a phenomenal effort and we hope with all of your help to have this over £25k by Friday. Please can you advise your LDOs of your running totals of fundraising throughout the day so I can also feed back to the walkers to urge them to keep going! The climb officially starts at 3pm this afternoon. We wish them all the best of Luck. Thank you for all your hard work with fundraising in advance.

The Team have reached Scotland!!

They are now embarking on the 185 mile journey from Edinburgh Airport to Ben Nevis ahead of the climb.

The Team have split into 2 ‘ The Dream Team’ as they have named themselves ( the fast walkers) and Team 2 who are looking for a more leisurely pace.



The Faster walkers consist of Matt Baillie, Oliver Palmer, Matt Giles, James Shaeena, Ashley Crane, Richard Greenhalf, Kevin Powell, Kevin Whiteley and Clemmie Ede.

Team 2 consists of Jon Alabaster, Robbie Evans, Peter Jordan, Richard Constantine, Adrian Moore, Rachel Lowrey, Paul Meredith, Paul Moss, Chris Rees and Kevin Spencer
Which team will make it to the finish line first?! The Race is on!

Hannah Attenburrow
Date: 13/05/2015
Author: Hannah Attenburrow
Source: Dreams Come True

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