Dreams Come True

Mia and Megan make dreams come true

I wanted to help Dreams Come True by raising money, so I asked my head teacher Mrs Loveridge if I could do a bake sale in our summer fate. 

I sent a letter to all the teachers to ask if they could donate cakes and lots of my teachers wanted to help.  

I made lots of cards to sell on my stall, and my sister Megan made lots of charms to try and make as much money as possible

The day before my sale I fell over in school and really hurt my knee but I needed to go to school to make sure my cake sale happened.

I had lots of cakes donated from my friends and teachers. It was very busy on my stall and I needed a bit of help as I got a bit tired. 

A old rugby player Kevin Morgan and a man from woodenspoon foundation even donated when I told them what I was doing and why. 

I raised £219.70, and lots of fun doing it and hope it can help other children. 

I gave a lot of leaflets out to show people how dreams come true can help and how they can help raise money 

From Mia Thorne 


Mia Thorne
Date: 29/07/2016
Author: Mia Thorne


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