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Fundraising so far at Thistle insurance by Gemma Hipwood

Hello everyone!


My name is Gemma Hipwood and I work at Thistle Insurance Services Limited. I am an Account Handler and also the Charity Co-ordinator for our Gloucester office. We are delighted to have chosen ‘Dreams Come True’ as our Charity of the Year 2015. This is my first blog and I hope to update you throughout the year on all of the activities we have arranged.


I organised a Charity Launch Day in January to give our staff details of the great work that Dreams Come True undertakes. We had a purple and orange themed day where staff were invited to dress down in those colours and we had a range of purple and orange cakes for sale! Our staff now have collection boxes on their desk for all their loose change which I will collect a few times a year. In addition, we created a Thistle Dream Wall in our kitchen (which involved me cutting out around 100 tiny dream bubbles! The novelty of which wears off by the time you have hit the 30th one!). Everyone was invited to write their biggest dreams on their bubble and the response was fantastic – dreams ranged from ‘owning an animal rescue centre’ to ‘getting married’ and even ‘to go to space!’. The support from staff on the launch day was overwhelming and we proudly raised £1000. Our Maidenhead office raised £63 by holding an animal themed day and our London office also arranged dress down events making a collection of £251.

My plans for future events include a Quiz night, treasure hunt and a summer fete. I am thoroughly enjoying arranging our charity days and am so pleased to be working with Dreams Come True.I then started planning our February Charity day for which I chose a pirate theme! The planning involved endless hours of creating old style maps with teabags, cutting out pirate flags and making a hoopla by hand! Thankfully I am a big fan of arts & crafts so was in my element! Nothing could stop me dressing up in full pirate attire for the day too! We sold pirate themed cupcakes (always a hit with colleagues!), pirate ship hot dogs & melon boats. Our pirate bingo fuelled some great competition between teams! We managed to raise £373.00 to put towards our current £2000 dream target to help Dreams Come True.

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Date: 06/03/2015

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