A cup of tea with... Mini Matt Smith

We caught up with George (aka Mini Matt Smith) who is a very special young man waiting for his dream to become a reality

My name is GeorgeMCM and I am 11 years old, I have Autism and other physical disabilities however I do not let these things stand in my way. I am also known as “Mini Matt Smith” I have a You Tube channel called MineCartMayhem and I am lucky to be able to interview the cast both past and present from the hit BBC Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. I am also a Cosplayer and I dress as the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).

I believe that children are awesome and each one deserves at some point in their life to have a Dream Come True no matter how small or how big.

I am trying to raise some money to help children and teens to have a special moment created for them by Dreams Come True, which is an awesome charity.

I did a fish finger and custard challenge recently to raise money for this fantastic cause, if you don’t know fish fingers and custard were the favourite food of the 11th Doctor and because I am known as Mini Matt Smith I thought it only fitting for me to attempt to eat a fish finger covered in custard which for me is a big thing because of my autism I have issues with food. I want to inspire other children by overcoming one of my fears to show them if you really try you can beat your fear.


I am also donating my first year's earnings from my advert revenue from my You Tube channel, it may not be a huge amount but every penny will help create a special dream for a child.

I dream of one day owning my own life size 11th Doctor Tardis, who knows maybe one day I will have one, I will work really hard to achieve my dream and to help make Dreams Come True for other children.

To quote my hero Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor “In 900 years of time and space Iv'e never met anyone who wasn't important” this phrase means so much to me because we are all important we are all awesome, if we all just cared a little bit more and gave a little bit more back then how awesome would this planet be?

Remember guys help as much as you can because a special memory will last forever.

I am The Doctor.

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Date: 06/07/2015

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