Andrew Powell

The Training Room

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell is an accomplished International Business Executive. His career has been very diverse, enabling him to move from serving in our Armed forces through to his present day role at The Training Room, over a professional career spanning some 26 years.

Andrew describes himself as a 'force of nature' who is passionate about people, change, leadership & life. Andrew came to us as he wanted to work with an organisation who really focused on making a significant and positive impact on the lives of severely ill or terminally ill children.

He brought to the charity an enviable personal network of contacts to support, energise, motivate and advise Dreams Come True on all its goals, but in particular to gain more support from organisations in order to create sustainable income growth.

Andrew is one of the first "Charity Champions" recognised by Dreams Come True for his strategic support.

Andrew said:

"The opportunities that life has presented to my family and I have been greatly received. I felt it was time to give something back to those much less fortunate than I.

Searching for the right charity partner to plough my energy, passion and network into was an intense period of my life but I eventually found Dreams Come True. I've chosen them as they are different, almost unique in that they tailor the dreams to individual children, children who are far braver than I will ever be.

I am delighted to be a part of the team on a journey toward creating a sustainable fiscal platform that will enable the dreams to come for thousands of amazing children well into the future."