Samuel - "Never give up on your dreams"

Date: 19/02/2014 Author: Hannah Tags: Dreams

A year since his dream, Samuel tells us how it has changed his life.

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Luke with Schalk Britts

Saracens mascot for a day

Date: 31/10/2013 Author: Michelle Chenery Tags: Dreams

As Luke said, “It was brilliant. I loved meeting the team and we were even shown the section that the Queen sits in. And we met the band, The Vamps. The Saracens were winning for most of it, but unfortunately lost by 1 point in the end. It was great though and I will never forget this.”

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Making Dreams Come True

Date: 15/05/2013 Tags: Dreams

A powerful video with two mums speaking to us about the impact of their child's dream.

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Talitha's Dream

Date: Author: Hannah Attenburrow Tags: Dreams

“Thank you for giving my child freedom. A little girl who can barely hold her head up and has no balance to sit or walk, who is reliant on others for the most basic of needs, can fly! “

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Darryll Murray

Darryll's Mediterranean Adventure

Date: Author: Hannah Attenburrow Tags: Dreams

Darryll's family wanted to plan a special holiday for Darryll somewhere exciting, a cruise fit the bill!

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