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Volunteer’s Week 2019

Date: 07/06/2019 Tags: Volunteering

For Volunteer’s Week 2019, we wanted to highlight three of our volunteers and share their Dreams Come True experiences. 

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Five ways in which Volunteering is good for Mental health

Date: 01/06/2019 Author: Binny Shah Tags: Volunteering

As well as making a massive difference in the lives of others, volunteering has some wonderful wide ranging positives for the volunteer.

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Making music that makes a difference

Date: 27/03/2018 Author: Lauren Butcher Tags: Events,Fundraising,Volunteering,Power of Dreams

Helping to make musical equipment dreams come true

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Claire's Dopey Challenge

Date: 24/01/2018 Author: Claire Smith Tags: Events,Fundraising,Volunteering,Power of Dreams

Before I joined Dreams I never thought I would be doing challenges like running, I mean, I hated running at school and as I got older I still couldn’t see the appeal of putting trainers on and heading out the door.

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Leeds Volunteer Team

Date: 23/01/2018 Author: Claire Smith Tags: Events,Fundraising,Volunteering,Power of Dreams

The Leeds volunteer team have hit the ground running and over the past few months they have been working hard to raise money to fulfil the dreams of seriously ill or life-limited children and young adults.

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An early Christmas present for the Granddads

Date: 22/12/2017 Author: Sally Ketley Tags: Events,Volunteering,Power of Dreams

Congratulations to our fearless rowers in this first major milestone!

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An invitation from Downing Street

Date: 11/12/2017 Author: Claire Smith Tags: Dreams,Events,Volunteering

Young ambassadors Mia and Megan were invited to the Downing Street Christmas Party

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A Winter Adventure

Date: 30/11/2017 Author: Hannah Tags: Events,Fundraising,Volunteering

Manchester Volunteers Organise a Winter Adventure

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Hamley's Dream Day Out

Date: 15/11/2017 Author: Hannah Tags: Corporate ,Dreams,Events,Volunteering,Power of Dreams

On Sunday the world’s finest toy shop opened its doors exclusively to a very important guest list of dream families, supporters and volunteers from Dreams Come True.

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Spartans for the day

Date: 18/10/2017 Author: Hannah Tags: Fundraising,Volunteering

Scaling 8-foot walls, hauling ourselves up ropes, and fighting our way through waist-deep mud seemed like a really good idea when we signed up for our first Spartan race to help raise  £600 for Dreams Come True.

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Freemasons visit to Liphook

Date: 18/10/2017 Author: Hannah Tags: Fundraising,Volunteering

A huge thank you to the local Guildford Freemasons Lodge for their very kind donation

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