Trusts, Foundations and Lottery Grants

Dreams Come True works closely with many Trusts and Foundations who generously support us, some on an annual basis and others as one-off donations, for which we are extremely grateful.

They have helped us to fulfil specialist equipment dreams, including adapted trikes and wheelchairs; computer equipment; and eye-gaze computers - as well as UK and overseas holiday dreams; celebrity meet and greets; and dreams that assist in career ambitions including having a book published, working in a Michelin star restaurant and working with a leading toy company.

Trusts and Foundations are able to select to support different kinds of dreams, children who have a particular type of illness, or children who live in specific regions of the UK. Some choose to help towards our administration costs, for example a dream coordinator, or premises cost.

We have also recieved support from The Big Lottery Fund Awards for All programme to support our volunteer network throughout the UK.

Without our generous supporters, we would not be able to help children living with serious and life-limited conditions, with a treasured  life-changing dream.




"Ben is noticeably calmer and no longer gets frustrated when he can't do things"  ~  Ben's mother describes the effect that having an iPad has had on her son's life, who is living with cerebral palsy.

"It was so lovely to see my daughter playing with the other children and getting used to being around people again"  ~  Daisy's mother writes about her daughter's experience of going on the group trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.

"Dreams Come True gives families like ours a moment to step outside of the challenges of their lives and feel excited, happy and enormously appreciative of a very special moment in their child's life." ~  Joanne, mother of Ed, who lives with cerebral palsy and had his dream come true when we arranged for him to meet David Walliams.

If you are a Trust or Foundation that may be interested in exploring the possibility of helping to make a dream come true, please email Helen Stanley, Senior Trust Fundraiser, or call 01428 726330.

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Our Partnerships

If you would like to learn more about these ways or ways in which you can get involved, please contact Juliet Collier.

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