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The impact of recently fulfilled dreams


Group Trip


Every year, Dreams Come True organises a group trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. The trip is offered as an option to anyone who requests a holiday to Disney World so dream children and their families have the choice to travel as a group or independently.

Families choose to join a group trip rather than travel independently for a variety of reasons. It may be that they are not used to travelling with a child who has very particular health and special needs and so enjoy the comfort of knowing that there is an organiser who can help sort out any problems.

Or some families want to be part of a group to meet other families in similar situation – this has proved of particular benefit to single parents and siblings, as well as to the child whose trip is their dream request and have made lasting friendships with fellow group trip travellers.

Family Day at Hamleys toystore

For children who are on our waiting list, we have been running an annual event at Hamleys toystore in London. The event brings families together to enjoy a day out and meet our staff and volunteers, as well as other families. We also provide the children with a goody bag to take home and remember the occasion.


The event provides families with a much-needed break for day-to-day hospital visits and treatments and gives them the chance to meet new people, share experiences and build up a new support network.

We currently host the event at Hamleys in London, but with funds permitting we would like to extend this to other Hamleys locations across the UK so it is more accessible to all families.


Other ways you could support us:


£2,000 would pay for sensory equipment    

£3,000 is the average cost of a dream

£5,500 would pay for a bespoke wheelchair 


For further information, please email Martin Neal or call 01428 726330.