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Chelsea and chipmunks


Chelsea is 13 and has Spasticity and Dystonia Cerebral Palsy. She is in an electric wheelchair and has very little movement. Chelsea was very excited to learn that her dream was coming true and she was going to Disneyland.

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Liam and Spiderman


Liam has a tumour on his pelvis. His parents wanted to take him to Florida for his dream holiday.

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Kyle at Liverpool FC


Suffering from Hodgkins Disease, Kyle's favourite football team is Liverpool and he wanted to meet some of the players

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Luke and Dad


12 year old Luke suffers from a life-limiting condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Luke and his Dad really love American football and English Rugby and it was Luke’s dream to meet a rugby team.

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Annie with a dolphin


Having congenital muscular dystrophy, 11 year old Annie is reliant on an electric wheelchair. Annie's dream came true when she went to Discovery Cove to swim with a dolphin.

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Harrison with ET


10 Year old Harrison has Cystic Fibrosis and suffers Chronic Lung Infections. It was his dream to swim with dolphins and meet Mickey Mouse.

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Beautiful Kylie


Kylie had a dream makeover and photoshoot. She had a tumour which has left her with developmental problems and memory loss. Her mum Hayley wanted her to have a really special day with something nice to look back on, particularly when her memory has completely gone.

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Carol and Bester enjoying the beach


Carol lives with severe Autism and developmental delay as well as Epilepsy. We were able to help with a dream week in Wales.

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Ethan with Mum, Ant and Dec


Ethan lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a life-limiting condition where the link between the brain and muscles is impaired. Ethan is a huge fan of Ant and Dec.

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Skye with her parents


Living with a rare life-limiting condition, Skye's dream was to have a really big christening party with all her family around her.

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Jake and Emma


Jake lives with cerebral palsy and it was his dream to meet Emma Willis on the Big Brother set.

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Connor and John Cena


Living with a rare genetic disorder, Connor's dream was to meet John Cena, a WWE wrestler.

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Rebecca smiling on her bike


Rebecca wanted to be able to ride along side her family and her chromosome abnormality was not going to stop her

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Blake and Ashton with Father Christmas

Blake and Ashton

Brothers Blake and Ashton both live with rare and painful bone condition. Their dream was to go to meet Father Christmas.

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