Kierran's dream

Kierranc, family and Richard

Name: Kierran

Age: 22

Date dream fulfilled: 27/06/2015

Summary: Whilst going through treatment for leukaemia, Kierran asked us to help him fulfil a lifelong dream – to meet Sir Richard Branson.

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Kierran was in the third year of his business studies degree and was looking forward to graduating this year with his friends when he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

It was a complete bombshell. Kierran was submitted to hospital for chemotherapy so needed to defer his graduation and effectively put his life on hold for a year.

Whilst going through treatment, Kierran and asked us to help him fulfil a lifelong dream – to meet Sir Richard Branson. Kierran views him as a hero/mentor so wanted to meet him to ask him what advice he could give him.

Kierran has had to deal with the effects of his treatment and being confined to hospital, which has not been easy.  For the whole family they just take each day at a time.

Kierran has a twin brother, Pearce, who really struggled to concentrate on his own studies when the news first broke but it is thanks to the resilience of the family that Pearce managed to carry on and graduate and with a 2.1

As Kierran was in the middle of his treatment, his resistance to infections was very low and we therefore had to be careful which venue was chosen. Virgin came up with the excellent idea of meeting Sir Richard at their HQ at Battleship Building in Paddington.

On the day, Kierran and his family were driven straight from the hospital to Battleship Building. The staff could not have been more welcoming and the atmosphere in the building was buzzing. By coincidence, it was also Pride weekend in London and a march was departing from the building complete with drag queens!

Kierran then spent some time with Sir Richard where he asked him several questions, including ‘how much are you worth’!

Kierran also asked what advice he could give. To which Sir Richard’s response was:

“Pick something that you know, find something unique and become an expert in it.”




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