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Matthew 007


Bond-obsessed, Matthew owns all of the films and he is always first in line when a new one comes out, so attending the premiere was a real dream come true! An active young man, Matthew was working full time and living an independent life, but daily life turned upside-down when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

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Maisie and her amazing bed


Maisie frequently has epileptic seizures, so needs a specially adapted bed to make sure that she is safe at night when she sleeps. This makes spending time away from home overnight impossible for Maisie. Maisie dreamed of following in the footsteps of her brother Callum and going for her first ever sleepover at her grandparents’ house. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to give Maisie a night to remember.

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Mini-Matt Smith aka George


12-year-old George from Nottinghamshire is better known by another name… Mini Matt Smith! Absolutely in love with all things Doctor Who, George adores pretending he is the assistant of his favourite regeneration of the Doctor, Matt Smith, journeying through space and time in the famous bright-blue TARDIS.

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Megan and her brothers


Just like many five-year-olds, little Megan from Aberdeenshire loves spending time with her family, including her two brothers. Megan has multiple congenital anomalies which means she needs monitoring 24 hours a day, to ensure that she is safe. Her behaviour can be challenging and she is non-verbal, but can walk independently and is very active, keeping her family very much on their toes!

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Rosie & Mia with Father Christmas

Rosie and Mia

Living with brittle bone disease, Mia and Rosie both have chronic daily pain. Despite this, They approach life with big smiles. The sisters love absolutely everything about ‘the most wondrous time of the year’, and dreamed of going to Lapland to stroke reindeer and see for themselves where Father Christmas actually lives!

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Ollie making music


Keen musician Ollie has dreamed of becoming a studio artist/producer for a very long time. The 21-year-old underwent treatment for brain cancer and now hopes to start university again, doing a course in music. Ollie also wanted a keyboard, inspired by his idol Stevie Wilson and his distinctive style of mixing that makes the music sound really big. Ollie’s dream came true when he got a brand new keyboard and bass cabinet.

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Shona is 21, has epilepsy and dreams of being an actress. Shona wrote to us to ask if we could arrange for her to meet panto stars Grant Stott, Andy Gray and Allan Stewart.

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Five-year-old Oliver from Leeds has a significant speech disorder and sensory processing difficulties which makes his behaviour quite challenging.

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Mollie with her lights


Six-year-old-Mollie loves to play and have fun. Little Mollie has autism and is also non-verbal. Being able to play is really important, because it allows Mollie to express herself. Having her own sensory equipment would be a dream come true, as it would completely revolutionise Mollie’s playtime and make her really happy. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to create a fully equipped sensory room just for Mollie inside her house.

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Kierranc, family and Richard


Whilst going through treatment for leukaemia, Kierran asked us to help him fulfil a lifelong dream – to meet Sir Richard Branson.

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Like most little girls her age she just loves everything to do with princesses and after losing her hair, she wanted to feel like a princess for a day.

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Lowri on her bike


Having uncontrolled epilepsy, Lowri has up to 30 seizures a day. On top of this, she has unco-ordinated mobility. A trike gives her the opportunity to experience activities like other children Lowri's age.

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Jack and his mum went on a well earned adventure to Portugal

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Hannah’s dream was to go to the Proms. She has a cancer.

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Aisha, Ruksana and Sana

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana

Aisha, Ruksar and Sana are 3 sisters that wanted to go to Disneyland, Paris. All of them have a rare disorder that affects many parts of their bodies,

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Stunning Sophia


Sophia has cerebral palsy. Like most little girls she loves dressing up and absolutely adores Disney characters. She drew us a lovely picture of a princess and asked if she could meet the Disney characters in real life and visit their magical castle.

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Aran’s dream application made us smile– he drew a picture of his family on the beach with a letter simply asking for: “Camels, kebabs and waterslides.” Aran is 9 and has cerebral palsy and his dream was to have a family holiday in Egypt with his three siblings.

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Issy’s dream was to see the West End hit musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with an overnight stay in London. Her mum, Alex, wanted her “beautiful daughter” to feel like a VIP.

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Ian and his Dad


Life altered for 22-year-old Ian from Hertfordshire when he discovered he had a malignant brain tumour. Ian’s dream escape came true when he cruised around the Caribbean with his family and a close friend for two weeks!

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The Twins with Mickey Mouse

Sai and Taran

Bubbly twins Sai and Taran were born prematurely, which left them with chronic lung disease and a range of other severe health conditions, Thanks to your generosity, we were able to send the boys and their parents to Disneyland Paris on their first trip away as a complete family - a momentous occasion that they will treasure!

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Smiling Jayden


Active Jayden loves spending time with his family. Jayden has diaphragm failure which means he needs to use a tracheostomy to breathe and this prevents him from speaking. His dream came true when he got to have not just a day but a whole holiday away with his family at Center Parcs!

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Alby swimming


Alby, a seven-year-old from Newcastle lives with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. This may affect his ease of movement, but Alby never wants to miss out on what everyone else is getting up to, so it’s no surprise that he loves joining in with all his family’s outdoor activities. Alby dreamed of going away on holiday, but had one big request – the rest of his family had to come with him

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Sophie and Minnie


Eight-year-old Sofie from Middlesbrough is obsessed with all things Disney. Sofie has spina bifida and scoliosis which curves her spine and so uses a wheelchair to help her get around. Sofie’s dream came true when she jetted off to Orlando for 10 days of full-on Disney immersion!

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16-year-old Daniel from Wales is a self-confessed “cricket fanatic” who loves everything about the game. Daniel had to stop playing when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Daniel’s cricketing dream came true when he travelled down to London with his family for an experience he won’t forget.

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Lauren and Jack


Musical-loving Lauren was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Lauren’s outlook depends on the response to her chemotherapy, but the 18-year-old still approaches the future with an infectious air of positivity and excitement, and has now started a nursing course. For years Lauren, from Derbyshire, had dreamed of going to the West End to see Mamma Mia. Her friend Jack was an “amazing” source of support throughout her treatment and, thanks to your generosity, we were able to send the two of them on Lauren’s dream trip to the capital.

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Emma at Goodwood


Emma from Inverclyde is a young girl, aged 8, with complex life-limiting conditions. Emma and her parents had a fantastic time at the Festival of Speed, Goodwood.

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Jay J at Man U

Jay J

11-year-old Jay J loves football and is an avid supporter of Manchester United, his favourite team. Jay J has brain abscesses that cause seizures and has had to stop playing football since being poorly. Jay J’s dad Jimmy explained that meeting Manchester United would “mean the world” to his son and, importantly, it would also motivate him to keep playing football. Jay J has never been to see a game before, so seeing his heroes was sure to put a huge smile on his face!

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Jodie is 22 and was diagnosed with cancer and asked Dreams Come True if she could indulge in a luxury spa weekend in London with her mum. She wanted some relaxing massages and facials and mum and daughter both wanted to spend some quality time with each other away from hospitals.

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Klaudia is 13 and her holiday to Tenerife was extra special because it was her first proper holiday with her mum.

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Happy Hannah


During 2012, Hannah was seriously ill having developed an aggressive acute leukaemia. Her dream request was to go to Florence in Italy with her mum Maggie.

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Football fanatic Christopher was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. He has been through a very difficult time and wanted something to look forward to, his dream has always been to watch his favourite football team Real Madrid play at their home ground.

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Thomas and Wayne


Thomas has a high grade Burkitt’s lymphoma. He is currently undergoing high dose chemotherapy and this is an intensive regime. His dream was to see his favourite football team Manchester United.

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Cheeky Noah


Three-year old Noah has cerebral palsy affecting all four of his limbs. He watches his friends playing outside on their bikes and his dream was to have his own bike so he can join in.

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Hope’s dream was really simple - all she wanted was a holiday in the UK to spend some quality time with her family.

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Sunny Jenny


A life-changing accident which left Jenny paralysed from the chest down. Her dream was to have a mountain bike which will allow her the freedom to enjoy family walks off-road.

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Melvil and his trike


Melvil is a delightful 2 year old. He has a condition called Spinal Musclar Atrophy which affects the nerves that control muscle movement. Going places takes up quite a lot of time each day and his parents are keen to incorporate some exercise so that he develops his strength. An adaptive tricycle is a perfect solution to this problem.

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Jonathan with some of the kitchen staff


Having successfully been treated for a rare tumour, Jonathan sadly relapsed and went on to have further surgery which resulted in him living with facial palsy. Being a keen chef, it was Jonathan's dream to have a masterclass cooking day.

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Living with spastic cerebral palsy, Sandra’s dream was to have time in a recording studio, learning how the process works and record a song.

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American Dreaming Astrid


Travelling is one of Astrid’s biggest dreams and chemotherapy did not stop her from visiting New York City.

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