Lowri's dream

Lowri on her bike

Name: Lowri

Age: 3

Date dream fulfilled: 27/03/2015

Summary: Having uncontrolled epilepsy, Lowri has up to 30 seizures a day. On top of this, she has unco-ordinated mobility. A trike gives her the opportunity to experience activities like other children Lowri's age.

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Lowri is 3 and lives with epilepsy, her dream was very simple… she asked for a bike to allow her to cycle with her family and friends.

Lowri’s mum Liz said: “Lowri loves her bike and being outside and loves the fact she can be independent. She was so excited when the bike arrived, she calls it her “broom broom” and her face just lights up when she is on it.” Lowri is a really brave little girl, she suffers from up to 30 seizures a day. She also has generalised global developmental delay and un-co-ordinated mobility. Her mum said: “Lowri is always on the go and is a really happy, energetic little girl. Despite everything she goes through, she always smiles. She is a real little trooper.”

Lowri is also on a special diet which restricts her from eating certain foods and it means party food and ice creams are out, so she misses out on so much. She is unable to participate in many activities, due to the unpredictable nature of her seizure and lack of motor control.

Lowri’s mum, Liz said: “This trike is amazing because it is tailor-made for Lowri and she feels safe – even if she is having a seizure. The bike has given Lowri an amazing opportunity to experience an activity which most three year olds do, it’s just wonderful.

We have just moved to a small village and when Lowri is on her bike she loves seeing the cows and the birds and she waves to everyone she sees, it’s just so lovely. We would never be able to buy this bike for Lowri, so we are so grateful to Dreams Come True.”


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