Klaudia's dream


Name: Klaudia

Age: 14

Date dream fulfilled: 06/07/2015

Summary: Klaudia is 13 and her holiday to Tenerife was extra special because it was her first proper holiday with her mum.

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Klaudia is 13 and her holiday to Tenerife was extra special because it was her first proper holiday with her mum. Klaudia has epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and cerebral palsy and sometimes has seizures after visiting crowded, noisy places and so they decided on a relaxing holiday in Tenerife which really broadened Klaudia’s horizons.

She initially applied to go to Disneyland but mum, Ewa, felt this dream wouldn’t best meet Klaudia’s needs due to the high volumes of crowds.  After thinking hard about Klaudia’s likes and dislikes, they both decided a trip to sunny Tenerife would be perfect.

Klaudia was very excited about Tenerife and asked her mum every day if it was time to go on holiday yet! Ewa described the holiday as “beautiful and amazing”. Klaudia’s holiday highlights include; Siam Aqua Park because she loves water and a marine zoo. They also took a ferry across to San Sebastian which was exciting for Klaudia because it was like taking a holiday within a holiday!

Ewa said that Klaudia was shouting and laughing because she was so happy in Tenerife. Since returning from the holiday, Klaudia is still very happy and is always asking to look at the photos and movies from the trip. Ewa said that they had never had a holiday before and said it was so exciting for Klaudia to see new things. They really enjoyed experiencing a change of scene for one week without having to think about work and school. Ewa said she felt she could cry tears of happiness because she was so grateful.

“I'm writing to you to tell you how grateful I am to Dreams Come True for making our holiday really special. We had an amazing time, everything was so exiting for Klaudia. It's hard to imagine how precious it is to see happiness in your child’s eyes, because of you, your effort and devotion it was possible to spend one week on a on a beautiful island and to have such an amazing experience. You are fantastic people and you are doing great work to make our children’s wishes come true. I can't describe my feelings when I saw my daughter so happy and cheerful, it was really awesome.”

Ewa, Klaudia’s mum