Hannah's dream


Name: Hannah

Age: 21

Date dream fulfilled: 05/09/2015

Summary: Hannah’s dream was to go to the Proms. She has a cancer.

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20 year old Hannah has cancer and continures to be monitored regularly.  Her dream was to go to the Proms. 

The Royal Albert Hall were superb in helping to make Hannah’s dream that extra special. 

Hannah wrote “When we got to our box we had complimentary refreshments laid out for us, and three programmes as well. The box was in a great position, just in front of the side of the stage. This meant that we could see the faces of both the conductor and the performers. I had brought my binoculars as I thought that we might not be able to see that well, but they weren't really needed! The experience of having a box was extraordinary. It was lovely to be by ourselves, and have our own little place to talk about the concert in the interval. I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to sitting in the choir seats at concerts now!

The concert itself was fantastic. The singers were amazing, especially on the high notes that they had to do. The orchestra was, as always, incredible, getting loads of applause at the end when each section stood up individually. Sometimes I couldn't quite believe that I was in the same room as John Wilson and he was actually conducting! They did an encore - "America" from West Side Story, which I have now got in my head and can't seem to get rid of it! (Not that I really want to!) I didn't want it to end -when we came out, I was running round taking pictures trying to delay our journey home as I didn't want to leave.

Thank you for all you did, you made one girl very, very happy last night!”

Hannah’s Dad added “When Hannah chose this dream back in April/May she was so poorly we wondered if she would be here to enjoy it, so to see her so full of excitement and energy was wonderful.”



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