Joseph's dream

Name: Joseph

Age: 16

Date dream fulfilled: 22/03/2016

Summary: Living with severe autism, Joseph’s dream was to rescue ‘Dalek Rusty’ and keep him safe.

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Joseph (16) from Wiltshire lives with severe autism and learning difficulties. Joseph loves Dr Who and believes the character’s are real, his favourite character is a bronze Dalek named Rusty.

After rescuing the doctor, Rusty became a good Dalek which makes him unpopular with the other Daleks. Joseph’s dream was to rescue Rusty and keep him safe. Joseph’s own safe space is his bedroom and unbeknown to him we arranged for Rusty to go and live with him there. Imagine Joseph’s surprise when he came home from school and found a life size Dalek standing in the corner of his bedroom. He was speechless but happy knowing he could keep Rusty safe and look after him.

Joseph is a happy boy but has difficulty expressing his feelings so his parents told us what fulfilling his dream would mean to him:

“Joseph lives in his own world and treats all his toys and models as real people. This is easier for him as due to autism he is unable to interact with people and therefore has no friends except his toys.

Joseph’s favourite Dalek is Rusty who was featured in Dr Who as a good Dalek. Joseph genuinely feels that Rusty needs to be given a safe place after being bullied by the other Daleks.

Having a real life size version who he would believe is the real Rusty would make Joseph very happy as he would be able to look after him in his bedroom which is also his safe place and sanctuary from the outside world. He would see having Rusty as rescuing him and keeping him safe which would realise his dream of looking after Rusty for the rest of his life.”

Rusty can speak to Joseph thanks to an integrated voice box and a remote control looked after by Joseph’s dad. Joseph likes to talk to Rusty and tell him everything that’s going on and now he has a special friend to share things with.

Thank you so much for all you have done for Joseph, love from Robert, Bernie, Joseph & Amelia xxxxx 

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