George's dream

George and elephant

Name: George

Age: 13

Date dream fulfilled: 16/05/2016

Summary: George’s dream was to visit Africa to meet chimpanzees and indulge in the local culture. In May this year, his dream came true.

George lives with a chronic illness called Diamond Black Fan Anaemia - a rare bone marrow failure disorder.

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“Sometimes living with a child with a chronic illness means you can lose hope. To be told your son has a life threatening condition can make you lose the plot! It’s not just the lack of control you have over the future, but the feelings of guilt that you cannot promise to keep your son safe.”

Vanessa contacted us on behalf of her son George in hope of giving him strength in times of despair and something to dream for.

George’s dream was to visit Africa to meet chimpanzees and indulge in the local culture. In May this year, his dream came true.

We flew him out to Zambia for the adventure of a lifetime where he stayed in Chamanuka. George was overwhelmed with the sights and places to explore with his brother Samuel.

George and his family walked with cheetahs, played with 10-week-old lion cubs, tasted fresh sugar cane, and went on bush walks and safaris. But that was just the start of the journey!

A trip to the elephant orphanage followed, where George went behind the scenes and even got to walk with elephants, which his mum described as “an experience too amazing to put into words.”

Part 2 of George’s dream was a visit to the Islands of Siankaba where he went on hippo river cruises and crocodile hunts. He and his brother also visited a local school where they were able to play with all of the other children.

Then came a rather wet visit to Victoria Falls before heading to Chimfunshi, which was a 9-hour drive. George made his own video on the way, capturing as much of the Zambian culture as he could.

At Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust George was able to see the chimpanzees, which he was so excited to see. This was George’s favourite part, especially when he was able to interact with the youngest chimp and play and mimic each other through the fence. 

They had so many adventures, making them laugh and cry, that have created cherished memories for a lifetime.

“The memories will remain forever, the sweet joy to see my son so relaxed and happy will lift me up at anytime of future sadness. And George, well he believes and knows…dreams really can come true

“Thank you for making it happen,” said Vanessa.

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