Iwan's dream


Name: Iwan

Age: 22

Date dream fulfilled: 11/06/2016

Summary: Iwan’s studies has to be put on hold due to his rare cancer. His dream was to visit Rome with his father Stuart who has been a huge support to Iwan through his treatment.

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Iwan is a young man from Liverpool who has a passion for Archaeology and History. He has been studying at Chester University but had to put his studies on hold when he was diagnosed with a rare type of non–Hodgkin lymphoma.

Iwan is in remission and back at University studying hard for his qualifications.

His dream was to visit Rome with his father Stuart who has been a huge support to Iwan through his treatment.

Iwan wrote “Rome was incredible. It was the dream I chose as I’ve wanted to see the city since I could walk. The journey was surprisingly smooth, quick check ins and the flight was over before I knew it. Over the course of the week we saw most of the usual tourist sites, the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the forum, the palatine, the typewriter building, Tiber island, Castel Santangelo and the Vatican.

Every site we went to was more mind blowing than the last and all had different and wondrous things to offer from the view atop the typewriter building towering above the city with all the other monuments in sight to the hall of maps in the Vatican each and every one of which was beautifully painted.

We never really spent much time in the hotel apart from to sleep in and have breakfast the following day but it was amazingly clean the location was beyond ideal and the staff we’re all fantastic.

There are far too many details of the trip to write about without turning this into a 3000 word essay so I’m going to keep it brief but without Dreams Come True I wouldn’t have experienced so many things that will stick with me for the rest of my life, sitting in Piazza Novona listening to the fountains and the bustle of the city, the first glimpse of the coliseum and understanding how big it really is, walking through the doors of the Pantheon and having my breath taken away.

All of it was made possible because of Dreams Come True who I can’t thank enough.”

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