Group Trip 2016's dream

Group Trip 2016

Name: Group Trip 2016

Age: 2 - 21

Summary: Our fabulous Group Trip May 2016

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Nine dream children and their families took part in this years’ annual group trip to Orlando. They visited Legoland, Disney’s Animal and Magic Kingdoms and Universal where Harry Potter World is located. Every day was spent going on rides, watching shows and meeting characters, the favourites being the princesses, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Barney the Dinosaur and Woody & Buzz Lightyear. Many happy hours were also spent in the hotels’ outdoor pools, shopping and sight-seeing. There were smiles and laughter from morning till night.

The trip was a huge success. The families befriended each other and are already planning their first reunion.

James has Down’s syndrome, a heart condition and a hearing impairment. His dream was to meet Barney the Dinosaur. His whole life revolves around Barney and he plays back his show repeatedly, and even tries escaping the house regularly to try and find him. James’ dream came true when he went to the Barney Show. He was delighted joining in with the singing and dancing and was thrilled to meet his favourite dinosaur afterwards.

Victoria was only 4 months old when doctors discovered a tumour in her ear canal. Her favourite part of the trip was going to ‘Driving School’ at Legoland. As she proudly showed off the driving licence they gave her, she asked her parents ‘Can I drive your car now?’

Ethan has autism and severe learning difficulties. He turned out to be a real thrill-seeker and enjoyed riding some of the scariest rollercoasters in Orlando. He got to meet some of his Toy Story heroes, including Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie. As well as enjoying the parks, Ethan was fascinated by the helicopter pad next to the hotel. Ethan carries ‘Harold the Helicopter’ (from Thomas the Tank Engine) with him everywhere.

“Wow – what an incredible journey - there are no words. When you said it’d be a dream come true – it literally was! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All the team were so kind and the trip was planned to perfection which took the stress away leaving us to just simply enjoy it, and the other families were all an inspiration to us. We all made some lovely friends and we will never forget any of you!!!”  Anne, Sonnie’s mum

Lawrence has autism. He loves to keep busy and enjoyed so many different aspects of the holiday. From seeing the animals and riding the train at Disney, to visiting different restaurants and trying on lots of hats at the mall. He was in his element when exploring Hogsmead and Diagon Alley at Harry Potter World – there was so much to see!

Alesha is a very happy and chatty child and always comforts others when they’re unwell. She’s spent a lot of time in hospital to treat a very serious illness which causes tissues in the intestine to die. Alesha loved every moment of her time in Orlando and was always smiling, especially when she met Minnie Mouse, who she adores.

Sonnie is a bright, bubbly young boy who has cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease. He uses a wheelchair most of the time but loves to walk when he can. His dream was to meet and play with all the Disney characters. He got hugs from Tigger, high fives from Minnie Mouse and a poke on the nose from Sam-I-am! He sang along with the Incredibles, practised web-shooting with Spiderman and partied with Minions.

Freddie has autism. Since he was very little, Freddie has always loved all things Disney, especially Mickey Mouse. Disney is a big part of Freddie’s day and helps him to be relaxed and calm. Freddie filled his time in Orlando with meeting all his favourite characters. In Magic Kingdom, his dad was called up to take part in a story with Belle from Beauty and the Beast - Freddie couldn’t stop laughing!

Ben has a rare genetic disorder that caused severe global developmental delay, has learning difficulties and suffers from seizures. Ben has to use a wheelchair but loves to get out of it and explore when he can. Ben loved going on the water rides and especially enjoyed meeting Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.

Anne has a genetic condition that causes learning difficulties, and also hearing and visually impairments, meaning she uses a wheelchair for mobility and is intravenously fed. Anne had never been able to go on a family holiday because of her health and equipment needs. She had a great time with her sister and especially loved the Dr Seuss area.

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