Ruby's dream

Name: Ruby

Age: 21

Date dream fulfilled: 30/06/2017

Summary: In 2011, Ruby was a 15-year-old budding singer-songwriter when tragedy struck. A serious accident left her unable to walk, talk or play the guitar.

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After six years of rehabilitation, Ruby can now talk and has taught herself to play the guitar again from scratch. However, she still relies on a wheelchair and endures pain on a daily basis. Despite these challenges, Ruby is a very positive young woman who describes herself as having “an extrovert mind in an introvert body”.

Ruby is a huge Ed Sheeran fan so for her dream, we arranged tickets for his show in Nottingham. However, we kept the best bit a secret... When Ruby and Mum, Karen arrived, they were met by tour manager, Mark, who whisked them into a room backstage where Ed was waiting.

Ed made Ruby feel very special, which meant so much after everything she has been through and is still having to deal with. As Karen told us; “This was Ruby’s first concert so it’s going to be a hard act to follow!Ruby’s face was a picture! Ed was very natural with Ruby, chatting with her as if he was talking to an old friend, which in turn relaxed her. She was delighted when he took time to watch some video footage on her phone of her singing and playing the guitar."

Ruby covers a Ed Sheeran song

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