Louis's dream


Name: Louis

Age: 5

Date dream fulfilled: 13/03/2017

Summary: Telling Louis he wouldn’t have to do his usual physio routine while we were away was fantastic, his little face lit up and he double checked, “not even gaiters....?!” It was wonderful for us all to forget about it all for a week.

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Five-year-old Louis from Hampshire has cerebral palsy. He has already been through major surgery and can only stand for short periods. He needs regular intense physio and has to spend an hour every day in gaiters to straighten and stretch his leg muscles - all of which he struggles with.

Louis was nominated for a dream trip to Disneyland Paris by a friend. The family didn’t believe they would ever be able to achieve a trip like this, so they were delighted and surprised when we made it happen.

Mum, Natasha wrote to us afterwards to express her gratitude and explain just what it meant for the family....

“I cannot put into words what it has meant for our family and can’t thanks Dreams Come True enough for enabling it to happen.

To spend a week without work, school, physio exercises, stretches, additional sports or appointments was just what we needed. We will remember it forever and would never have done it without your help.

The best part was during his first physio session after Disney, his physio said he did great! Really strong, enthusiastic. She even suggested that if we take the odd week off every now and then!”


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