Harrison's dream


Name: Harrison

Age: 19

Date dream fulfilled: 27/05/2017

Summary: Having a form of bone cancer, Harrison has gone through long sessions of treatment and suffered many side effects.

His favourite ban is Bowling for Soup and Dreams Come True were delighted to help organise a meet with the band for this lovely young man.

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Two years ago 19-year-old Harrison was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. He went through long sessions of treatment and suffered from many side effects. When Harrison was travelling in the car to his many hospital appointments he used to be the DJ and select the music they would listen to. One of his favourite bands is Bowling for Soup. Their songs always cheered him up when he was feeling ill. Harrison and his Dad know all the words and would sing along on their journey to Alder Hey hospital. In 2015 Harrison had to make a very difficult decision; whether to lose his left leg or risk the cancer returning; he is now an amputee.

Being a Bowling for Soup super fan it was understandable that his dream was to meet the band.  “Bowling for Soup has been one of my favourite bands from when I was very young.  I really think the band is original, quirky and kept to their original punk style. It would be really amazing to meet the band.”


Thanks to our supporters we arranged for him to meet Bowling for Soup at Slam Dunk Midlands a punk music festival. He got to watch some of the other bands before he was called backstage to meet Bowling for Soup. Star-struck, he was lost for words. The band was so friendly and very quickly put everyone at ease. Harrison said the band were very funny sharing stories with him of life in a band. The band’s lead singer, Jaret, told tales of on-stage pyrotechnics and how he had been surprised on more than one occasion when he hadn’t been warned where the fireworks were coming from!  Harrison told the band how much their lyrics made him laugh, even while he was undergoing treatment.

After getting some all-important autographs and photos they said their goodbyes and Harrison got ready to rock out to the Bowling for Soup gig.

“It was brilliant! Harrison had an absolutely amazing time and was so happy. Thank you so very much. Harrison's still talking about it non-stop. They're an awesome band and they were so lovely. It meant such a lot to him to meet them. He was so thrilled; they were everything that he expected them to be. It made his year!” Janine, Harrison’s Mum. 

If you would like to help more children and young people like Harrison fulfil their dreams, please follow this link to donate. Thank you.

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