Lauren's dream


Name: Lauren

Age: 23

Date dream fulfilled: 10/07/2017

Summary: Lauren has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma affecting her immune system.

Having fallen in love with the history of Rome at school, Lauren’s dream was to go to Venice and experience this beautiful part of Italy.

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Lauren studied Latin at secondary school and fell in love with the history of ancient Rome, the ancestry and the culture. Lauren’s dream was to travel to Venice to learn more about the Roman roots of Venice. She is also fascinated by the Renaissance period. Lauren wanted to experience this incredibly beautiful part of the world for its history, music and food. 

Lauren and her boyfriend experienced as much of Venice as possible during their trip. She travelled by canal and loved all the boats. She was surprised to learn that cars and bicycles are not allowed in Venice and you can be fined if caught riding a bicycle. They visited the National History Museum, the Jewish Ghetto where she learned about the prominent historic Jewish Community and took many self-guided walking tours to see the bridges.


Lauren described her third day of the trip as the best day. “We walked down to St Mark’s Square, and had an amazing walking tour around the San Marco area, which included visiting St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. The tour was amazing and taught us so much about how Venice has evolved over time, how it was governed and how people came to settle there. Did you know that Venice is built on wood which is embedded into marshland so it does not rot? However, it does mean that it is sinking about 10cm every 100 years… After the tour we grabbed some food before undertaking the must-do activity when you go to Venice – a Gondola ride!”

On the last day of the trip Lauren took a boat over to one of the small islands around Venice called San Servolo where they visited an old war hospital site that then became an asylum. The pair went on a tour to learn more about the history of the hospital and the way treatment evolved over the years. Lauren said, “It might not be to everyone’s taste but to two scientists it was incredibly interesting!”

“I can’t thank Dreams Come True and all the associated people enough for everything they have done to make my dream come true. I would especially like to thank everyone who supports the charity and donates to support these trips and dreams, as after such unfair and difficult medical experiences and difficulties, it is such a relief and comfort to be able to have a dream experience to reset yourself and focus on yourself,” Lauren. 

If you would like to help more children and young people like Lauren fulfil their dreams, please follow this link to donate. Thank you.

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