Marquis's dream


Name: Marquis

Age: 15

Date dream fulfilled: 07/05/2017

Summary: “Marquis surprises me every day he's here on earth, I am very lucky to have a boy like this. Many people are drawn to him. He has left a great impact on earth! Thank you to you and everyone that made this dream come true.” Amanda, Marquis’ Mum. 

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14-year-old Marquis was born with a number of medical conditions. He has scoliosis, osteoporosis and a heart condition, and uses an electric wheelchair for his mobility. Marquis has to have regular hospital visits and daily injections. Amanda, Marquis’ Mum, is his main carer. She has developed back problems from having to lift Marquis and has to have regular treatment herself.

Amanda (Mum) applied for the dream for Marquis and kept it a big surprise for him. Marquis is a huge Arsenal fan and has always wanted to go to a game. Amanda wanted to make his dream extra special but arriving to the match in style, in a limousine.

On the day of the dream Marquis thought they were going out as normal until he was welcomed but his own personal driver and a limousine waiting for the family outside the house. Still not knowing where they were going Marquis was thrilled with the transport and all he kept saying in the car was, “wow, wow, WOW!” When they pulled up outside Emirates Stadium he was full of excitement and joy.

Marquis, his twin brother Tyreese and their Mum had a brilliant time watching the match. It meant the world to the family to have a fun day out together. Amanda said it had been a long time since she had got a photo with both of her boys smiling as life has been tough for the family. The boys brought themselves new shirts as a reminder of their awesome day out.

Marquis' Dream Comes True as he visits the Emirates stadium to watch his favourite team play


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