Billy-Ray's dream


Name: Billy-Ray

Age: 11

Date dream fulfilled: 14/09/2017

Summary: Eleven year old Billy-Ray wanted to have a holiday like the one he used to have with his Granddad. Billy-Ray has Cystic –Fibrosis and sadly lost his Granddad 2 years ago.

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Billy-Ray is 11 years old. He has Cystic Fibrosis, a condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. This life-limiting condition also affects his pancreas and liver function.

Billy-Ray's dream was to have a family holiday by the sea. Two years ago he lost his Grandad who he was very close to. It was really important to Billy-Ray that his Nana, Dad and Sister all had some fun together. 

The family stayed in a holiday park in Wales that they had previously visited with his Grandad. The family took a photo of their Granddad with them as he loved going on family holidays. They had the most amazing time and spent a lot of time exploring. They came across a stunning valley where they parked up and went for a walk. On their walk Billy-Ray saw a waterfall. The family bumped into some walkers who told them that the waterfall was famous as it had been used in the Batman film as the entrance to the Bat Cave.

“Emma (sister) and I stood in the cave entrance behind the waterfall! Dad took the picture. Nana was too scared to come all the way down the hill. I was so happy we found this place it’s amazing!    Its name is Henrhyd Waterfall and its 90 feet high (27m). It was a bit slippery in places but well worth the visit.

It took Nana and me a while to get up again as it made us a bit breathless so we kept stopping every 50 feet for a rest!” Billy-Ray.

As well as stumbling across film sets the family spent time rock pooling at the beach, surfing and playing board games. 

“On our last full day Dad drove us to Porthcawl Surfing Beach. We all hired surfing wet suits and surf boards.  Even though it was drizzling and a bit windy it was not too cold as the Gulf Stream runs through the sea here so it’s a little warmer.  My Dad carried the board and we all went into the sea. Nana helped us to catch the waves as she has done this before. It was a fantastic few hours and we all loved it!!”

"Thank you so much for providing the holiday for us all. We're having a lovely time as a family and Billy-Ray's sister Emma and their Nana are enjoying it too. Billy-Ray has been loving the rock pools as you can see from the photos, his favourite was the big starfish he found," Nick, Billy-Ray's Dad.



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