Emma's dream

Emma and The Vamps

Name: Emma

Age: 14

Date dream fulfilled: 22/10/2017

Summary: Dreams Come True was delighted to help 14 year old Emma meet The Vamps at Nickleodeon Slimefest 2017.

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14-year-old Emma is a huge fan of The Vamps and wrote to us to ask if we could fulfil her dream to meet them. She had already tried to buy tickets to see them at the Nickleodeon Slimefest, but the tickets sold out too quickly. However when we told Nickleodeon about Emma’s dream, they pulled out the stops and invited Emma, her mum Louise and her twin sister Georgia along for the full VIP treatment. When Louise told the girls that they’d be going to Slimefest they were thrilled. When she added that they’d actually be meeting The Vamps, they were ecstatic! The day arrived and after being whisked in to the exclusive backstage area, Emma and her family where invited to mingle in the catering tent while they were waiting for the band. Emma soon spotted Ashley Banjo from Diversity, who was more than happy to interrupt his breakfast cookie and pose for a photo with Emma and her family. Mum, Louise describes the moment when the time finally arrived for Emma to meet The Vamps; “Emma was so keen to see them that it was difficult to keep up with her – she was off like a shot! Emma got a hug from every band member then chatted to them about how they write their songs and her own guitar playing.” After meeting the band, Emma was able to wait in the backstage VIP room before going to her seats to enjoy the amazing slime-filled show!


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