Alanna's dream

Name: Alanna

Age: 3

Date dream fulfilled: 14/12/2017

Summary: Alanna-Rose often feels left out when her brothers and sisters are out on their bikes and she can’t join in.

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Alanna-Rose is only 3-years-old and has two complex medical conditions, Cerebral Palsy and Blount’s disease. Cerebral Palsy affects muscle control and movement. Blount’s disease is a growth disorder of the shin bone. Both of these conditions have a significant impact on her physical and emotional well-being.

Alanna-Rose frequently asks her parents “are my legs better” in the hope she could join in.   It was clear to her parents that Alanna-Rose’s dream was to have a specially adapted trike so that she can join in with her siblings.

It is important for Alanna-Rose and her parents that there is as much normality in this little girl’s life as possible. She is a young girl who loves to spend time with her brothers and sisters. The trike means that the family can enjoy some time together.


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