Maddison's dream


Name: Maddison

Age: 22

Date dream fulfilled: 06/07/2017

Summary: Having to put her life on hold due to cancer, 20 year old Maddison’s dream was to visit Europe to experience their culture, food and beautiful cities.

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In 2015, at just 20 years old Maddison had to deal with the difficult news that she had cancer. Suddenly her life was put on hold. Maddison was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary glands. This diagnosis resulted in an operation to remove her salivary gland followed by 6 weeks of daily hospital visits for treatment.

 Maddison has always been fascinated by European culture, food, and the beauty of the cities and countryside. For years Maddison and her best friend Emily had planned to go travelling but these plans were put on hold when Maddison become ill. The girls never gave up on their travelling dream and continued to plan all the details until Maddison was fighting fit and ready to go.

 2 years on and thanks to all our Dreams Come True supporters the girls’ bags were packed and off they went. Maddison is now much healthier; she still has low energy levels, a constant dry mouth and has to deal with the reoccurring nightmares she has that the cancer will return, but she doesn’t let that stop her from living life to the full. The girls inter-railing adventure began in Italy. They then worked their way through France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Croatia before travelling to Amsterdam to fly home.   

Maddison loves to travel and meet new people. It was the perfect adventure after a very hard few months.

 “I had the most amazing time, thank you so much for everything, I’m so grateful!” Maddison 

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