Richard Ashton

Chief Executive

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be part of the team here at Dreams Come True, what we do is vital and together we aim to make a real difference to those we seek to help.

My role is to simply make more dreams a reality! Easy to say but a challenge to deliver and one that all of us associated with the charity are determined to deliver.

We have an amazing team of trustees, staff and volunteers and are lucky to have a great set of supporters whom we work with. From swimming the channel to conquering a fear of heights to jump out of an airplane, from running a marathon to trekking across the arctic I am constantly in awe of what people do to help us help others.

Doing the job that I do is inspiring, humbling, sad and joyful in equal measure. Every one of our Dream recipients and families has a story to tell - one of effort, pain, hope and despair and meeting them makes what we do real, obvious and vital. 

On my desk I have a list of all those waiting for their dream to be fulfilled and whilst motivation to succeed is never a problem at Dreams Come True looking at that list makes me ever more determined to achieve our objective of tripling the number of dreams we deliver.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and finding out more about us.