Birmingham Team Volunteer Leader Blog Post

Having considered undertaking some volunteer work for a while, I was excited to see the opportunity to become a team leader in the Midlands advertised.


Once I met up with Claire and heard some of the dream stories, I knew that this was something that I wanted to be part of and would enjoy doing.

I now have a small but committed team, with a variety of skill sets and bags of enthusiasm so who could ask for more?

One of the first events we discussed was a treasure hunt, so we trialled it ourselves and had a team bonding day. It was great fun but we soon realised that it was too long and too far. We are now working on our own trail, with a focus on it being interactive and geared towards children.

As my partner is a paranormal investigator we are hoping to run a ghost hunt around Halloween. Our venue will be a local public house that was built in 1649. There have been many stories of unexplained happenings over the years and some video footage of bottles flying off shelves!

We have also made contact with Ronald McDonald House and Acorns, and have a couple of projects in the pipeline that we will be working together on.

Some of our other ideas include a Christmas gift wrapping service, pamper event (with the team being trained to offer hand massage) and we have applied to be supported through the token scheme in a local carvery.

Lots to do in the area, but the scope is enormous so it really is an exciting time to be involved with Dreams Come True!


Jacqui Crewdson

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Author: Hannah

Date: 17/08/2017

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