Running for dreams, for my son

As part of the fundraising for Matthew’s dream and as my role as a volunteer with the charity it felt only right that I should get as involved as possible to both raise funds and the profile of Dreams Come True, so the local 10k which is held annually seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The Birchwood 10K is an event which despite its locality has so far eluded me, partly through lack of motivation and that it always coincides with the weekend of nearest to my wedding anniversary meant that it was often put on the backburner.

This year, rather than delaying until too late, I signed up in plenty of time to get to the reasonable level of fitness that would allow me to run the distance non-stop in a respectable if not emphatic time.

Having completed the Manchester 10K a number of times previously, I knew my targets and had a rough training plan to prepare that would take in part of the course route itself.

The event itself was quite different to the Manchester 10K, arriving at the start point I noticed a far greater proportion of club runners sporting their colours and far less of the plodders (like myself) doing it for charity, so I took up a position out of the way and towards the back of the crowd a little way behind the hour pacemaker runner.

The course was relatively flat, bar a few motorway bridges which sapped energy a little in the final few KM and unlike the larger event in Manchester spectators are largely limited to those walking the dog to collect Sunday papers as it winds through the suburbs and the country lanes on the outskirts of Warrington, I was able to grab a welcome drink from my kids at about 8KM to rehydrate a little on the final stretch.

Approaching the finish line the crowds offering encouragement grew and I pushed on to finish in 1 hr 3min and 25 seconds and although I didn’t break the hour mark that I wanted, I was satisfied with what I consider a respectable time for a bloke with tiny legs and a stride not conducive to running more than a few hundred metres at a time.

Greeted at the end by Debbie and the kids, I made myself a promise to keep it going and continue with the running, though I have said that before so let’s see if I keep it this time!

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Author: Ian

Date: 21/08/2017

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