Fundraisers who Face their Biggest Fears

Our superstar fundraisers are not only consistent in their fundraising efforts, but also willing to face their biggest fears whilst working for a cause they deeply care about.

For instance, our wonderful skydiving fundraiser Daniel Galloway recently raised £900 whilst confronting his huge fear of free-falling.

 Daniel said the experience of skydiving was absolutely terrifying. He continued: "Free-falling was the worst part (literally my biggest fear, falling from the sky). I completely forgot I was attached to someone with a parachute, while free-falling. Even the plane ride up into the sky was terrifying with several drops". Daniel says he looks forward to finding out whether the experience has changed his overall attitude to heights- he will be able to tell when he is once again confronted with them

Our huge thanks and admiration to Daniel for being willing to face his biggest fear for charity!

 Thank you for facing your fears Daniel!

The Dreams Come True Team

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Author: Hannah

Date: 06/09/2017

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