Returning to Marathon Des Sables

Camel Spider endurance running team legacy lives on as we will return to another desert multi stage endurance foot race

Competitors in the South American Marathon des Sables face the extreme challenge of running the equivalent of six marathons in six days, at altitude in the sweltering heat of a Peruvian desert.

“We’ll be running a total of 156 miles or about 250 kilometres in one of the driest regions on the planet. The Ica Desert sits high up on a plateau almost 200 miles south of Lima, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. So as well as being typically hot and sunny, it presents the added challenge of running at altitude. To make it even more difficult, the race starts at the end of November, which in Peru means the height of summer”

Training to date has included running in the Austrian mountains as well as hypoxic chambers at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. The hypoxic chamber artificially creates the altitude conditions equivalent to 2700 metres.

It’s all in aid of an exceptionally good cause, Dreams Come True is a national children’s charity that works hard to enrich the lives of youngsters who have serious and life limiting health conditions.

HUEL the makers of nutritionally complete food in powder form are backing our efforts, supplying all nutrition both during training and for the race itself as well as generously donating apparel, clothing etc for the team.

Ultimately this is to raise funds as well as awareness for this noble cause and here is where your support would be much appreciated. Either by making a donation - help keep the spirit strong during the race and by doing that help people like Naomi and her family (our current Dream candidate). Secondly or alternatively to a donation is to help spread the word - share/like the article in order for us to reach a wider network.

All funds donated will go uncut to the charity. No transaction fees, no hurdle rate to meet (the races we sign up for are sponsored by Commodity)

After finishing Marathon des Sables in Morocco, I joined the charity’s board with the aim of further leveraging the many good relationships Commodity enjoys among its global clients in support of this worthy cause.

The aim of the board is to raise the profile and reach of this awesome charity. One of these initiatives earlier this year was a charity gala dinner held at Madame Tussauds in London with some 250 guests, many from the commodities world, raising £160,000.

“At a personal level the Commodity folk, friends and acquaintances have been incredibly generous in sponsoring my previous desert ultra-marathons, I’m hoping that they will sponsor me again for the race in Peru so we can make dreams come true for even more children.”

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Date: 16/10/2017

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