Spartans for the day

Scaling 8-foot walls, hauling ourselves up ropes, and fighting our way through waist-deep mud seemed like a really good idea when we signed up for our first Spartan race to help raise  £600 for Dreams Come True.

That was back in January, and our turkey-addled brains were full of New Year resolutions of getting fitter and becoming warriors. Our Spartan race, however, was 1st October - a world away from the New Year!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5-6km obstacle race involving monkey bars, barbed wire, and a LOT of mud. So, as the race approached, three of us from the Bournemouth & Poole group rallied together and started our training.

We hit the gym and sent each other videos of ‘handy tips’ for each of the Spartan obstacles. We were a little suspicious that all the people in the videos were three times our size, but we persevered nonetheless!

The big day arrived and we travelled to Rapley Farm in Berkshire to test out our new muscles. After a rallying speech from a rather scantily-clad Spartan, we set off on our adventure amongst a throng of much stronger looking people!

Helping each other through, up, over, and round the hurdles let us beat some really tricky obstacles - a fantastic reminder of what can be done as part of a team. There were some tough feats - and a fair few burpees between the three of us (30 per person for each failed obstacle!) - but after 1 hour and 44 minutes, we leapt over the final task - a flaming line of fire - and reached victory.

Safe to say, we were all a bit sore for the next few days but, more importantly, we smashed our fundraising target and are currently on £620! We’re so thrilled to have been able to achieve our goal to help even more families reach their dreams. A Spartan Sprint success!


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Author: Hannah

Date: 18/10/2017

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