Camel Spiders escapades in the dessert

Flying the flag for Dreams Come True Charity across the line in 48th place, giving an overall result of 31st place.

Jakob Bloch from Commodity Appointments is nearing the end of the MDS Peru. Katie wrote a poem to keep him going on the last stages.

He’s off again Jakob Bloch

Marathon Des Sables,hope his  muscles don’t lock

Running 6  marathons in the heat of Peru

Everything is timed even his time on the loo.

Running is a talent and a string to his bow,

I hope we don’t have to see another photo of his infected toe

Sponsored by Huel to complete the race

6 stages of running keep going Jakob , keep a  steady pace.

Day number 4 and hes  number 22

I hope your feet are comfy in your running shoes

Sandy and hot with no time to rest

Thank you for doing this and trying your best

Raising lots of money for poorly children at dreams come true

You’re a star Jakob we are all proud, thank you.


Read about Jakob's journey here.
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Author: Hannah

Date: 01/12/2017

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