Martin and Katie Prepare for the Arctic

Our Events Team fly out on Friday 9th February to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

On February 9th the Dreams Come True Events Team Martin Neal and Katie Jones will be heading to Finland on a 3 day Arctic Trek Challenge.

Katie is local to Portsmouth and has worked for Dreams Come True for 3 years. Katie has never taken on a challenge like this before. The Arctic Trek has been the motivator for Katie increasing the amount she exercises and to improve her overall health. Like the dreams that are fulfilled by Dreams Come True this challenge for Katie is life changing.

Martin is Head of Events, Challenges and Volunteering at Dreams Come True and has worked for the charity for almost 9 years.  In that time Martin has taken on 38 marathons to raise money for children with serious and life limiting conditions, but he has never done anything like the Arctic Trek challenge before.

As a team Martin and Katie have supported over 1,000 events and challenge participants through their training and fundraising.

Dreams Come True is now in its 30th year. Feeling inspired by all the people that Martin and Katie have supported over the years they decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime to celebrate the charities milestone year. The Arctic Trek will push these brave challengers to the limit. Most of the children Dreams Come True help face challenges of day to day life every day that they are living with a serious illness or complex condition.

The Trek

Martin and Katie are heading to Rovaniemi in Finland and spending 3 days trekking 80km around the Arctic Circle in temperatures as low as -22.

As part of the challenge the team will be pulling all the equipment in a pulk weighing around 20kg. Martin and Katie will be battling elements and sleeping in a tent which will freeze overnight. To avoid frozen clothes and coats they will have to sleep with the majority of their equipment in the sleeping bag.

The Cause

‘’We want to raise money and awareness for Dreams Come True for the simple reason that the charity is fantastic and the families that we help are inspiring. We work hard to raise funds so that children and young adults with serious illnesses facing unimaginable circumstances can simply have their dreams come true. I get to see first-hand how the children and their families are affected by illness, it is sad, unpredictable, life altering and sometimes it has a fatal ending for them. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen to any young person, but it does and the children are just incredible in the way that they handle the challenge that comes with being very sick.

To be able to provide something massively positive, fun and uplifting to a family in a time of crisis is magical and so impactful. A dream provides joy and a memory that the whole family can have for the rest of their days.

We couldn’t begin to tell you about every condition that we come across here or have enough time to tell you the amount of brave children and stories that I hear about or speak to, but what I can tell you is that providing a dream does really help in so many ways. I am forever grateful to be involved with this charity and the work that we do,’’ Katie, Events and Challenges Co-ordinator.

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Author: Lauren Butcher

Date: 07/02/2018

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