Forrest Brian Prepares for London

Follow Brian's journey as he prepares for the London Marathon 2018

My name is Brian Keachie, alias ForrestBrian!  I adopted that name from the film Forrest Gump - who inspired people with his childlike optimism. Forrest was portrayed essentially as a heroic character who faces a variety of setbacks and misfortunes yet maintains a compassionate and forward looking attitude. He tries to help every person he meets along the way, despite his strong naivety!

Thinking about my decision to get involved with fundraising for Dreams Come True and in particular participating in the VM London Marathon, for me it was a no brainer and starting point for anyone wanting to emulate Forrest Gump's thinking.
Running is a self expression of freedom, fresh air and fulfilment! 
I run most days and each run warm up I reflect and think of the hopeful young DCT beneficiaries who , for many, would simply love to even move never mind run!
So when the aches and joint pains sink in - I reflect and compare it to what some young people have to endure through no fault of their own. Thats what makes the Dream happen. 

The training is like a rollercoaster - one minute it feels all up hill and the next the view from the top and the self achievement experience is simply amazing. 
The whole running package is totally out of my comfort zone. I was over 17 stone two years ago and heading to the tender age of 60! Scary!!
Starting to watch my diet with friends from Slimming World and taking more exercise through running has changed my life completely.
Its been FUNtastic training in all weathers, hail, rain, snow and bright sunshine.  It makes you appreciate Planet Earth from a new and different prospective - especially seeing it in all weathers and dramatic ever changing seasons.
I positively feel my marathon training is moving in the right direction with primarily making sure I'm putting the distance miles in. (Vital!) 
Through joining the local Athletic Running Club, Kilmarnock Harriers they have introduced me to Fartlek Training which means "speed play" in Swedish, as a training method that blends continuous training with interval training!  Fartlek training is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. I would seriously recommend this to all my fellow DCT Marathon Runners - If you have not heard of it or even considered it - please think about giving it a go!

The months of training ahead, although planned and focused, need to be enjoyed as will the final run up The Mall to the VM London Marathon Finish Line!

Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

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Author: Lauren Butcher

Date: 09/02/2018

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