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Brian's Blog Sunday 11th February 2018


Welcome back to week 2 of ForrestBrian’s DCT VIrgin Money London Marathon Blog. Thank you for returning!


It was a very interesting and mixed training week what turned out in the schedule.


Firstly I want to leave a “thought for the week” especially my fellow DCT Marathon Runners in their training:

Sometimes the best runs come on the days you don’t feel like running!

This can be so very true especially at this time of year with our Great British weather!


Last Sunday I completed a 15.5k run, from my house in Kilmarnock, to Prestwick.

This was to be a straight forward run from A to B - no circuit!

Don’t always plan a circuit, the marathon isn’t therefore get the mind set of starting somewhere and finishing at a different location! Worth a thought!

 I have to be honest and confess that there was an ulterior motive of running to Prestwick, as it has one of the best coffee shops in Ayrshire! (Costley’s Patisserie & Chocolate Shop!) 

However this venture trek, in perfect running conditions, turned out to be personally enjoyable and advantages to DCT!

On entering the “Shop au Chocolat” customers looked on as ForrestBrian arrived in full running regalia!

My guest appearance obviously turned a few heads, causing a few whispering conversations to commence regarding my machine like physique, or possibly because of the sweating out of breath mad runner had entered the building!

After a quick change of clothes I sat down to my reward banquet of coffee, best fruit scones and home made jam you can get!

A couple of ladies in the next table had caught their eye on my DCT T-shirt and started a conversation by asking a few questions about my running. and the charity cause.

15-20 mins later both had donated a total of £25 to my sponsorship fund and through the conversation process I discovered one of the ladies had a young granddaughter whom I am hoping it might be possible to apply for a DCT Dream! 

This encounter made the almost 100 minute run worthwhile!

The rest of the week was, unusually, taken up with two 1 hour Fartlek Training sessions and the Livingston Half Marathon. I say unusually because it is taking time for me to come to grips with the running mentality/understanding that it’s not all about mileage but mixed in with quality speed and strength training also. 

After the mandatory warmup run to our destination, the first session involved various time circuits incorporating steep hills. This new form of training, to me, allows a higher intensity/input into my training. I also find it helpful training/running with others of varying degrees of fitness levels.

Hint to fellow DCT Runners……

If you have never thought about Fartlek Training please give it a go. However you should take advice that a rest day after this form of training is an essential part for the body muscles.

So knowing that allows your training input zone to be higher/greater.

The second session of the week was with another group at the local harriers who started with a longer and  higher intensity of warm-up pace to the training destination.

After a short break, there then followed 12 X 100 metres sprint. 

A one minute breathing timeslot was allocated in-between each sprint to get back to the starting line before the whole process was repeated.

The was a higher intense level of training for me and to be honest, I really enjoyed the new experience of being pushed all the way by fellow runners.

Again, my ignorance in thinking that as long as I put the high mileage in, as key marathon training, I will finish the race isn’t quite the true case.  Training a shorter distance incorporating a higher intense workout will have long term benefits allowing me to be fitter and finish faster and stronger.

Imagine yourself Forrest……. running up the Mall to the finish! Dream on! 

 Several rest days followed in the lead up to my Half Marathon in Livingston.

It certainly was an early start including a 90 min car journey.

The weather had threatened for poor, dangerous running conditions with a mixture of fog, snow, sleet, and ice underfoot. However only the latter seemed to be a problem for the runners. 

Possibly some organisations would have cancelled the event aware that the majority of the route was through untreated roads and pathways of local woodlands and housing estates.

However, not even the icy freezing conditions mixed with blue skyline and bright sun could deter the participants enthusiasm of completing another  challenging race in the personal cause of achievement and self satisfaction!

The conditions did personally cause me a few scary moments as I impersonated some “Torville & Dean” ice dance moves involving unaided sliding and skidding on the untreated tracks. This led on several occasions choosing to walk, for safety and preventing of possible injury. 

 Strangely, although this was by far the slowest marathon I’ve ran, time wise, it included a large number of my best individual kilometre running. Constantly bordering on either side of 5mins 20 secs kilometre - well under my usual 6minute kilometre runs. 

As I examined my efforts in detail, I was pleasantly surprised, to discover I had actually ran consistently faster mostly over race.  Remembering several occasions I was forced to walk or tread very carefully. I am honestly convinced my timings were partly due to my increased intense Fartlek training sessions.

 Enjoy your week fellow runners…… and to my non running readers…… 

think about a possible exercise you can achieve this week - walk, jog, run, cycle, swim…..get out there - because you’ll feel better in the LONG RUN!

Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 68 days to the run of our life!

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