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Follow Brian's journey as he prepares for the London Marathon 2018

Welcome back to week 3 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your support is valued and appreciated!
Really enjoyed my day off following on from my close encounters of the icy kind at the Livingston Half Marathon!
The rest of the week included 5 relatively short runs with no Fartlek training.
This was mainly due to my left knee giving me some cause for concern.
Tried running it off several times and seemed to do theatric for a short spell but just came back with avengeance! 
The week comprised of 12k, 8k, 6k and two 5ks - involving speed training and a 5k timed run at the local Saturday morning Parkrun!
Just a wee note/idea to my fellow runners …. if you've never tried a Parkrun please consider it. Go to www.parkrun.org.uk 
Its free but you need to sign up to get an important personal barcode which you download, print off and take to your first run. 
I tried to beat my PB at Parkrun but unfortunately fell short by a disappointing 78 seconds! Note to self….. Must do better!
However the learning curve goes on even with the bad days when I really should have tried harder. No pain…. No gain!
Another week of the Great British weather conjured up interesting training conditions. There’s never two days the same. It’s a case of blue skies with bitter cold conditions one day followed by torrential rain infused with warmer atmosphere! We must be mad!
My motivation “thought for the week” especially my fellow DCT Marathon Runners in their training is:
You must expect great things from yourself before you can do them!
So fellow runners, no matter the weather, the reality is start to believe more in yourself and what you are capable of achieving - then you will begin to realise you can achieve beyond your wildest dreams.  
You must BELIEVE because the Marathon is tough. It is no easy jog and one of the best ways to treat it is to start by understanding and coming to terms with its greatness!
RESPECT the Marathon and you will succeed!
Regarding my fundraising….. I have handed out Sponsor Card requests to various local businesses I use as a regular customer and the response has been great.
Always remember in your fundraising…. nothing ventured…… & If you don’t ask….
So thats the end of this weeks Blog, apologies if its not a s interesting but I’ll try and focus on a much tougher weeks training to report back on next week.
Happy Running! 
Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)
PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 61 days to the run of our life!
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Author: Lauren Butcher

Date: 26/02/2018

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