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Brian's Blog Sunday 25th February 2018
Welcome back to week 4 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your continued interest is valued and appreciated!
This week had real purpose and a personal sense of achievement at the end!
It was imperative I got the serious head down to up the mileage for my final push towards the 100 mile February Awesomerunning Challenge.
The week commenced, as usual, with my day off, and included a 20km run at a relatively good comfortable pace. Weather was kind and allowed me to enjoy the amazing countryside scenery of Ayrshire, where I live.
Two more serious uptempo days included Fartlek training with the Kilmarnock Harriers.
I am honestly starting to enjoy and appreciate this type training in my weekly log. 
It is imperative strength training is part of any schedule - the benefits far outweigh the pain! Fellow runners will agree and if some of you haven't given it a thought think again!
Towards the end of the week I decided to put in my longest run to date, simply because my 100 mile February Challenge was with touching distance - possibly allowing several days to spare!
The run took me out into the deep local countryside of Dundonald, Symington and Craigie before heading back into Kilmarnock.  The terrain is perfect training including a variety of steep and steady hill climbs with stretches of straight and occasionally winding empty roads.
Running, accompanied with blue sky and luscious green countryside allowed the mind to wander back to my childhood. Remembering school holidays on my bike regularly visiting these places, especially Craigie Hill for family picnics and spending many a summer holiday at The Hunters Low Langcraigs Farm.
Running allows you the luxury to think in fresh air. 
I was enjoying this run so much that I simply lost track of time. (Honest!)
My long trek took me up to just under 94 miles - leaving me around a 10k to smash the target!
This would have to wait a few days but was achieved with fellow runner Andrew Campbell.
Andrew, like myself is new to running but is similarly hooked! 
Lovely weather and a good solid pace allowed me to ease past the 100 mile post! 
What a feeling that is to achieve another box ticked!
I find my focal commitment to running has to have various incentives/aims/challenges to spur me on to new levels of achievement and the Dreams Come True Charity really provides that at new levels.  I continually remind myself who my fundraising could help.  As I run I try and imagine what their Dream would be.
Please have a look at the DCT website and have a read at some of the amazing variety of dreams. Ordinary young people who are continually looking for freedom from their unfortunate illness. Im sure some would love to be able to run or even walk. So if I can bring just a little happiness through my running then all the training, aches, pains, hail, rain and snow will all be worth the effort.   
My motivation “thought for the week” especially my fellow DCT Marathon Runners in their training is:
The miracle isn't that I Finished….The miracle is that I had the courage to start.
Now there’s a real thought to take with you, out in the cold weather, running next time. 
I suppose its like running to the top of an enormous hill - Its not how you got there eventually but more about having the courage to set out to achieve it!
I mentioned at the end of my last blog I had delivered information cards inviting local businesses to sponsor me.  Well the response has been very good.
Six have responded with either monetary giving or donating a raffle prize. Delighted!  Remember in your fundraising - if you don’t ask……!
Hope your week proves to be mileage fruitful for my fellow Marathon runners.
And I cant forget everyone who is interested in my blog without a friendly challenge….. please re-read my motivation thought for the week - then think on what small health hill you could try and achieve this week.
Keeeeeeeep runnnnnnnning or have a go at walking!
Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)
PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 54 days to the run of our life!
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