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Brian's Blog Sunday 11th March 2018

Welcome back to week 6 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your continued interest is valued and appreciated!


The week started with great anticipation and full enthusiasm after last weeks disaster when the “beast from the east coincided with Emma the tremor”!


Started off with a 15.70k enjoyable run incorporating hills etc and could actually feel the benefit of a week laid off!  Rest days are invaluable - Oh I now believe!


A couple of days later and I’m back out on the road with even more enthusiasm resulting in a faster overall time throughout the 13.11k run.  Really felt good and was delighted with the speed over the whole run. Great differing terrain creating a good challenge for ForrestBrian!


The tail end of the week involved birthday celebrations and a trip to London for the Lord Mountbatten Festival Concert, featuring the Royal Marines Band at the Royal Albert Hall.

The trip allowed me the opportunity to visit several marathon spots.  The experience was weird, to say the least. Huge reality check kicked in regarding the London Marathon was indeed happening and I was taking part.

My thoughts drifted to the many years of watching the event on TV and more times than not dreaming of taking part!  ForrestBrian YOU WILL go to the VM London Marathon 2018! It’s lump in the throat stuff!

As I walked about various parts of the route the enormity and realisation was gradually sinking in.  It was scary almost frightening of what the challenge is all about. Walking over Tower Bridge and down the Mall especially was an experience. My mind wandered as to how I thought it would look like on the actual day. Although excited at the prospect as a participant I started to doubt my ability. Have I done enough training, will I reach the Mall with the finishing line within my grasp?

I did a couple of live Facebook videos to try and encapture the special atmosphere only London can bring.  

This is real, this IS going to happen and I WILL give it my best foot forward because at the end of the day it’s all about the young people of Dreams Come True!


A lovely surprise arrived in the post this week - my Awesommerunning 100 miles for the month of February. That’s 2 months out of 12 ticked! Proposing to run 100 miles a month for the whole year!

This would possibly be a good time to let my fellow runners and readers aware of my ForrestBrian 2018 Bucket List Running Challenges for Dreams Come True!


  • 100 Miles @ month for a year -!
  • 80 X 10K
  • 24X Parkruns
  • Livingston Half Marathon
  • Virgin Money London Marathon
  • Troon Tortoise 10K
  • Millport 10 Miler Fun Run
  • Roonthetoon Kilmarnock 10K
  • Mens Health 10K Glasgow
  • Run the Blades Half Marathon Whitelee Windfarm
  • Mallorcan Challenge Port de Soller - Sa Calobra 37.8 K
  • Kyles 10 Miles
  • Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Glasgow
  • Palma De Mallorca Maraton


Of course other runs may be added over and above those listed above.


My week ended on a really enjoyable 12.09k - plenty hills and speed training throughout. seemed to be really focused after my motivational visit to the capital!


Another help this week, Ive found is various articles in the magazine Runners World. One in particular “The Fast Lane” by Alex Hutchinson talks about “If you want to boost your speed, you need to engage your brain as well as your body”.

Alex challenges the reader to three thoughts..

  1. Gear Shifter - a sense of pace is the most important cognitive skill for runners
  2. Form Check - technique drills break your running form into its component parts and develop the strength, balance and movement patterns that translate into smoother running.
  3. Dress rehearsal -start planning how you will run 50-75 per cent of the race distance at your target pace or slightly slower. Curtail any daydreaming by doing a mental check-in every half-mile - assess your pace, how your legs and lungs feel, and whether you’re maintaining good form!       Food for thought!


Another motivation “thought for the week” comes from the book I mentioned in last weeks blog,  “Choose To Climb” by Geraldine Mair.

I have enjoyed reading and been thought provokingly challenged by the chapter “Find Your Greatness Within”

Geraldine says “Don’t be afraid to try or to fail”, it teaches you strength and how to overcome your personal challenges.

When you do not achieve the conclusion that you aimed for in a project, (running schedule) or task you often look on it as a defeat.  Never look at this experience as something bad, trying and failings progress in every sense of the word.  It can prove to be the vehicle that really catapults you forward with renewed vigour and a desire to try again.

Wow now there’s something to think about!


“You will never succeed greatly unless you are willing to fail greatly” so so true where running is concerned.


I hope you all have a good week training!

Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 40 days to the run of our life!

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Author: Lauren Butcher

Date: 15/03/2018

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