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Follow Brian's journey as he prepares for the London Marathon 2018

Welcome back to week 7 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your continued interest is valued and appreciated!


The week started off with an enjoyable 12.09k and in a good positive mood.

My trip to London was a tremendous incentive for my marathon goal.

The dreaming of taking part was clearly becoming a reality - excluding any possible injury!

Oops obviously spoke too soon.

Monday morning blues arrived complete with a badly swollen ankle - appearing from nowhere. No reason, no injury, nothing, just a very sore and swollen looking ankle.  Couldn't even take any weight baring on it!

The rest of the day I spent with leg elevated accompanied with ice packs.


Sitting still unable to move the panic and doubts set in.

I was imagining this was the end of the ForrestMarathon road?

The internet can be a valuable asset but sometimes it can be the bearer of doom and gloom. Too much advice and information appeared to be miles apart. 

So I opted for positive thinking and refused to cross any bridges before I had come to them.

Coffee and book at the ready my chapter from “Choose to Climb” by Geraldine Mair jumped out at me and nearly punched me in the face! 

“The Power of Drive, Determination and Dedication!  

Thoughts from the chapter ….

In summing up she says “Remember that when you have a drive to achieve anything that is emotionally important to you, and attach enough emotional energy to that desire, you create a forward momentum that becomes hard to stop.

Hey ForrestBrian get a grip!!!


A few days later and the miracle of miracles.  I waken up to no swelling and no pain. Like a thief in the night my ankle pain, bruising had miraculously disappeared.

So to test it out I decided on a steady run with no real idea of distance or time.

I simply wanted to run in the fresh air and convince myself all was not lost. 

1 hour 18mins later I had completed a 11.43k. Absolutely delighted and no after effects!

ForrestBrian you will go to the London Marathon! Yabadabadoo!


Didn't want to test my limits too far so decided on a couple of rest days to end the week.

I really felt the benefit of no training.


I hope you all have a good week training!

Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 33 days to the run of our life!


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Author: Lauren Butcher

Date: 22/03/2018

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