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Brian’s Blog Sunday 1st April 2018

Welcome back to week 9 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your continued interest is valued and appreciated!
The week started with a positive blast of confidence - a long run of 20k.

The miles are fairly mounting up. Its actually part of my positive thinking - miles will help the smiles!
Sometimes you can take for granted the area you live for many different reasons.

However regarding pounding the mileage as part of training for runners it's almost perfect.
Good pavements, excellent country roads and limitless routes taking in lots of villages. The varying degrees of hill climbs of all lengths are all good training areas.

I decided to concentrate, once again on a week of mileage as opposed to Fartlek training. Enjoyed the running but started to feel the legs towards the end of the week. I sense a few of my blog readers shouting at me!
Luckily it concluded with the enjoyable Eglinton Parkrun!

I should at this point put a huge shout out for PARKRUN. This is an extremely well organised 5k and its FREE! Ordinary people all shapes and sizes, join in with seasoned runners of every ability under the sun. Some participants even bring along their dog, on a lead as they mingle with kids and parents. Its simply just a friendly morning get-together through some exercise. The morning concludes at the cafe for tea/coffee & scones (Unfortunately this is not free!) Parkruns take place every Saturday morning 09.30 all over Planet Earth. (Such is the growth of this weekly event!)

All you have to do is make sure you have registered on-line to receive your individual unique number. Don't forget to print it out and take along to the Parkrun you intend to go to. This allows you to receive a finished time recorded by the time keeper.

At the Eglinton Parkrun you will run, jog or walk alongside runners, joggers and slightly fast walkers! You will definitely fit in somewhere and everyone makes you feel very welcome. If you require further information, send me a private message. Don't leave making a decision tp go along for another week!

Everyone needs a push in the right direction when making a decision outside their comfort zone.

Geraldine Mair, author of Choose To Climb Reaching Your Personal Summit challenges everyone to dig deep and look for the Heart of a Warrior within! This chapter, again can relate to runners of all abilities - even those who have yet to Choose to Run!
Geraldine says - Your strength is beyond the confines of your own consciousness. The more threatened and challenged you feel the more opportunity you give for your warrior heart to emerge. Your survival instinct will search everywhere for a solution and a reason to carry on and you will find it!

Personally, I chose to relate this to my running long distances when everyone hits “the wall”. Another quote from the book…. There will always be times when you feel that your limits have been reached. You will crumble and fall, however now you must realise that it is not in the falling that you become defeated, it is in the failure to rise that you are beaten.

This next quote I find inspirational…. If you fall get up! If you fall seven times then you must be prepared to get up eight! You were built to overcome your challenges and there is nothing that you cannot face.

I hope you all have a good week training!
Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 26 days to the run of our life!

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Date: 05/04/2018

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