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An announcement from Forrest Brian and Virgin Money London Marathon

Her Majesty The Queen to start the 2018 London Marathon from Windsor Castle
Her Majesty The Queen will be the official starter for the 2018 London Marathon.
On Sunday 22 April, The Queen will step onto a special podium in front of the Round Tower in the grounds of Windsor Castle to push the start button at 10:00 am.
BBC Sport will relay live coverage of the start ceremony to the big screens at Blackheath to set off 40,000 runners on the famous 26.2 miles from Blackheath to The Mall.

I make no apologies for starting my week 8 Forrest Brian blog with this amazing announcement!
How exciting is this news! Absolutely awesome! Im totally buzzing!

Now Im well aware what you're all thinking……..By the time ForrestBrian gets to the starting line Ma’am will be well truly gone!

Anyway back to more important updates to one of my best weeks yet!
It had everything. Long runs, Fartlek training and a lovely Saturday morning Parkrun in glorious sunshine. A runners life just doesn't get any better!

The schedule this week comprised of: 23.32k run, 6k Fartlek Training, 13.89k run, a lovely Saturday morning 5k Parkrun and rounding off with a long increased 27.5k

As you can see, week 12 training schedule started and ended with a 23.32K and a 27.5K approx! I say approx because I planned n 18 mile route using Mapmyrun - however the app showed it only to be 17.05…. weird and gutted!
Both runs were in freezing cold glorious sunshine! Yes in God’s own country Scotland, this is possible!
Honestly enjoyed both days and the increased mileage was particularly pleasing to achieve. And I even ventured into the Runners World using Isotonic Energy Gels!
To be honest I will need to try the gels a few times to see if i feel a real difference with he long runs. Watch this space.

On the longest run I was joined by a good friend Andrew, who has only recently taken up the sport. 18 months on and he's up to 20K. What an achievement.
I’m convinced it wont be long before he steps up to Half then full marathons!
This multi talented golfer and percussionist couldn't run the length of his garden let alone 20K! He is another inspiring runner “choosing to climb”!

And speaking of my new found motivational book - this weeks challenging thought was “Shooting For Your Summit”
The Virgin Money Marathon is looming at a fast pace and this particular article I found to be inspiring. I thought about my personal goal for the marathon.
• Had I planned my race in my head? Surely every challenge needs to have a well though through plan in order to succeed/achieve?
• Is plan B & C organised?
• Am I going to push myself out of my comfort zone?
All of the above thoughts challenged me by “Shooting For My Summit”

“Decide to aim for better, continue to climb every single day, just tell yourself it’s possible, this invites an opportunity to follow a different path to a happier destination”.
Here is a clear indication/suggestion of planing the marathon in your head with confidence. Aim to complete a good time, enjoy the experience, positive thinking because I have/am putting in the miles and training hard.
My personal summit, possibly like thousands of other competitors, is after 26 gruelling miles, to turn that corner at Buckingham Palace, see the finishing line in the distance and shoot up the Mall to complete my planned summit challenge

I hope you all have a good week training!
Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)

PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 26 days to the run of our life!

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Date: 05/04/2018

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