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The final stages of training

Brian’s Blog Sunday 8th April 2018

Welcome back to week 10 of ForrestBrian’s DCT Virgin Money London Marathon Blog. Your continued interest is valued and appreciated!

And so the “taper” starts towards the big event on Sunday 22nd April 2018!

It feels very surreal all of a sudden as the last few weeks have steadily crept by and “the” day is fast approaching.

E-mails coming in as fast as the first finishers of a marathon race containing so much reading information from VM London Marathon organisers.

This lead to thoughts of numerous alarming panic buttons…..

Button 1. Realisation … this IS happening!

Button 2.  Have I done enough miles?

Button 3. Have I trained correctly?

Button 4. How will I get to the starting line?

Button 5. Can I honestly do this?


Then there are panic thoughts of a completely different nature…..

Thought 1. Will the legs cope?

Thought 2. Will the “saire” knee hold out?

Thought 3. Will I let all my supporters and sponsors down?


Reality sets in and I find myself thinking surely everything I have mentioned above has gone through the mind of every single marathon runner at some point?


One of the main things I find strange about the training schedule is the recommended taper process!

As a musician I find this the completely baffling and opposite to my life long performance strategy.    The more practice you do the better the performance!

It would appear this is not the case with the loneliness of the long distance runner!


I reflect on my two previous encounters with the Marathon races; Stirling (April 2017) & Palma (October 2017)

On both occasions I found it difficult not to go out running - but honestly felt the benefit on the actual race day as I was desperately raring to get going!

So I will try and simply focus on reading/listening to what advice fellow runners have passed on to me.


I really have enjoyed the runs recently - not too taxing - but simply constantly settling into my marathon pace and maintaining it.


Geraldine Mair, author of Choose To Climb Reaching Your Personal Summit challenges the reader to “Being Open to New Experiences” 

Once again I make no apology to quoting my new found inspirational thought provoking book.


Have you ever thought about trying original and exciting things like an adventure?

YES I find myself shouting at the page!

My running is the latest chapter of my life’s adventure!


Thoughts create action and this delivers results, the passion you have for your own interests can influence others and will be clearly visible, you can be an inspiration to many just by example!


Geraldine’s husband gives a terrific challenging quote in this specific chapter of the book… “Don’t settle for experiencing your life as a passenger; learn to set expectations for your life as an explorer! Derek Mair


So come on fellow blog readers….. be open to new experiences!


And talking of new experiences, I read a good article in the Runner’s World magazine Spreading the Joy!

It’s about running that first magical mile and how that achievement feels leading to the beginning of a longer journey to a lifetime enjoying the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits running has to offer.

Bearing in mind that the first mile can be the hardest - Runner’s World have devised the First Mile Programme!

There is no time like the present …. surely….. it’s worth a look?


I hope you all have a good week, especially to those who will take up the ForrestBrian Challenge of that first mile! 


Brian N Keachie (ForrestBrian)


PS: Fellow ForrestDCT Runners….. It’s less than 14 days to the run of our life!


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Date: 11/04/2018

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