Disney Group Trips

Are you interested in coming along on one of our Disney Group Trips?

Our warm and knowledgeable Dream Coordinators take care of all travel arrangements for the group, from accommodation and transport, to attraction tickets, guiding families around the parks and ordering medical equipment. And of course, group trips offer a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and many of the families are still in touch years  after their trip.
You can download further information about our Orlando and Paris group trips by clicking on the documents below. If you’re interested in coming along, please mention this in your child’s dream application.
Disneyland Paris Group Trip
DisneyWorld Florida Group Trip
Application Form

All the families who choose to go on the group trip have their own reasons for doing so. It might be that they’ve never flown with their child before and want the reassurance of having experienced help travelling with them, their child has a lot of equipment and care needs which they can’t manage on their own, or the family want a care-free holiday with someone else taking care of all the arrangements. Either way the group trip meets a lot of needs and gives the families the opportunity to relax and enjoy the dream experience.